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Thanks to the God we always innovate our bussinesses

Royal Car Rental Group

Thanks to the Almighty God, disruptive innovation we bring has been proved to be a powerful way to successfully challenge well-known and established incumbent businesses in car rental industry. 

Boris Knežević

CEO, Royal Car Rental Group

Our Vision

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In 2050, according to the UN, there will be 9.8 billion people on the planet, almost 70% of whom will live in urban areas. The growing demand for personal urban mobility other than private cars and existing public transport methods requires the development of more effective car rental services that are fair, trustworthy, sustainable, and shared. It is our duty as an innovation leader to promote this change. 

Royal Car Rental Group | Our innovation priorities

Our innovation priorities

Royal Car Rental Group is working on three major areas of innovation in order to develop the best car rental service of the future. These strategic areas, which are critical in order to revolutionize the industry, are as follows:

  • expanding car rental branch offices
  • developing new car rental services
  • developing new technology and business platforms

To innovate, expand, develop and test these three strategic areas and services better, Royal Car Rental Group relies on unique business and marketing know-how synergies and seeks outside talents, as well.

A visionary strategy

For the past three years, Royal Car Rental Group has been fully committed to the development of unique, customized and reliable car rental services. A pioneer in Eastern Europe and Balkan peninsula, our strategy today moves up another gear.

Our strategic plan, unveiled in January 2022, focuses on the group’s service leadership and the unique advantages of our knowledge and know-how in business, marketing and sales area. Our goal is to widen our brand recognition, and to provide stable and sustanable growth to our partners.

Innovation is in our genes, and information technology is at the heart of our strategy. In order to continually better meet customers’ needs, we constantly innovate and improve our IT solutions.  

Royal Car Rental Group | A visionary strategy

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